Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pixar Movie Advice for Finals Week

Yes, I know this is Saturday, and that means I'm supposed to post something really deep and thought-provoking. Go back in the archives to find one of those posts if you want to.

However, since I have lots of friends still in college who are studying for finals (or, you know, they should be, anyway), I present to you...

Seven Pixar Clips That Will Help You Ace Your Exams

I didn't actually use clips from Monster's University, because that would be too obvious.
Seriously. Animated movies hold a lot of wisdom. Also, I like these clips and wanted to give you an excuse to procrastinate for ten minutes. Enjoy.

One: Toy Story

Finals Week Takeaway: Nothing beats an highly organized plan of attack. Your chances of acing those finals are better if you treat studying like an all-out war.

Two: Monsters Inc.

Finals Week Takeaway: Discipline pays off. And montages make everything better. You probably should create one of your studying routine. (Vocab flashcard drills and coffee runs would make a super interesting training montage. Quality stuff.)

Three: Ratatouille

Finals Week Takeaway: Constantly complaining about how much you hate a class, or a professor, or that slacker who is doing nothing to contribute to the group project doesn't really help anything. It's easier to be a critic than to create something amazing. Also, don't be afraid to change your mind about something. (This especially applies to final research papers, projects, and debates.)

Four: Brave

Finals Week Takeaway: Sometimes you need physical activity to release stress and tension of exams. 

Five: A Bug's Life

Finals Week Takeaway: Don't feel like you have to do things the exact same way everyone has always done it. Be creative! And, whatever you do, don't panic!

Six: The Incredibles

Finals Week Takeaway: The system doesn’t want you to succeed…but taking good notes pays off. Also sometimes faking tears and being pathetic can be useful too.

Seven: Finding Nemo 

Finals Week Takeaway: When all else fails, just keep swimming.

Best of luck, everyone. And remember, if a delusional space ranger, a rusty old robot, and an overweight ex-super hero can succeed, so can you.

While we're at it, how about a vote? What is the best Pixar movie of all time, and why?


  1. LOVE this post, GREAT clips and advice!! The best one??? That's about top 3? My faves are Finding Nemo, Bug's Life and Toy Story, but they're ALL good films! I always quote Dory's just keep swimming, it works in a lot of discouraging situations :)

    1. Toy Story totally wins as probably the only animated franchise with sequels worth watching, that's for sure!

  2. Ha, ha, lots of fun! Which Pixar movie is my favorite? Boy, is that a hard call. I really love Toy Story 3 and Finding Nemo, but most recently, I've come to hugely enjoy The Incredibles.

    1. Hannah, love your choices. I don't know if I could pick one either, but I think the idea behind Monsters Inc. (monsters in closets...literally) was the most creative.

  3. Monster's Inc. is my favorite Pixar movie -- original concept and great execution. And Billy Crystal voicing Mike.

  4. Broho is #4... though not just on Finals Week.

  5. I must say, this blog was deeper than I expected. I'm not sure I completely understood it, but then my brother and I looked over it a few times together, and now we think we understand most of it. Maybe. Not sure.

    Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go write Christmas cards in gibberish that means absolutely nothing...yet will probably be misinterpreted as having some form of significance, unintentionally on our part.